Restored Warriors …
It’s not just about our
Accountability, Purity or Battle …
It’s about God’s Brotherhood
of Mighty Men, God’s Warriors on
Battleground for Each Other!

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Restored Warriors:

Restored Warriors exists to provide a safe place for hope and healing from the effects of sexual brokenness. We educate and equip the Church in the development of a healing ministry. Through small group resources for men, women and teens, on-site or online counseling, training events, and ministry partnerships, Restored Warriors is leading the way in the battle for sexual integrity in the Church.

We are currently ministering to men in: United States of America, Australia, Canada, England, Greece, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa & Switzerland… And Growing!

"Nearly 9 out of 10 young men (age 18-26) reported using pornography." [14]

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Where We Stand:

Restored Warriors is a Christ-centered organization integrating recovery tools along with Bible scriptures and prayer.

Restored Warriors is a support group, not a therapy group. Our coordinator/leaders are volunteers with “life experience”, not professional counselors. Their role is to host support groups and create a climate where healing may occur. The support group is a safe place where participants receive support and encouragement as they work toward recovery. Individuals can share their experiences, strengths and hopes for the future. In this safe place, there is a culture of honor where no racial, gender, or sexual comments are allowed.

Restored Warriors is a safe place where confidentiality is paramount! Each person’s protection is of utmost importance. All conversations with members are confidential and not to be discussed outside the group setting. If confidentiality is breached, Restored Warriors has the right to terminate any person’s membership without refund of expenses.

Our Duty to Warn:

  1. Any information leading to suspicion or knowledge of the physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a minor child.
  2. Any information leading to suspicion of knowledge of danger to a third party.
  3. Any information leading to suspicion or knowledge of suicide of a client.



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