A Conversation With Guilt and Shame

Written by on December 13, 2020

Me: Morning fellas!

Shame: You’re awfully chipper this morning.

Guilt: Yeah, you might want to rethink that.

Me: Relax, guys, I just woke up.

Guilt: You probably should have gotten up after your third alarm. Starting another day behind.

Shame: You’re so lazy. You do this every time.

Me: I know, I am trying, though.

Guilt: Maybe you should try harder.

Shame: Maybe you should stop trying.

Guilt: Shame, he can get better. He has made changes in the past.

Shame: How many times have we said that before?

Me: He’s not wrong.

Guilt: He’s just so mean sometimes.

Shame: I’m not mean, I’m just keeping it real. This is why we can’t keep a job or a relationship or any meaningful thing in our life.

Guilt: Man, I hate feeling this way. I wish we could just do better.

Me: Me too. Me too.


Shame: Not going to work.

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