Before You Look At That Stuff Again …

Written by on September 3, 2020

Written by Joe Dallas, Originally posted at Used with permission [2]

It’s a familiar scene. You want it, it’s there.

You’re lonely, or stressed, or bored. You’ve got some spare time; you’ve got access.

You also know watching porn will deliver high impact and release, nobody will know, you’ll be forgiven by God as soon as you ask, then you can just move on. No big deal.

That’s the problem. It’s a much bigger deal than you realize.

When something’s wrong but no longer shocking, it’s a lot easier to give into it. And since porn use it so common today, not to mention so convenient and easy to use, it’s lost a lot of its shock value. We have an epidemic which we’re not alarmed about. That’s alarming.

So today, if you’re one of the millions of believers who feel the enticement to use the stuff, you’ll feel the urge to click. That’s when you’ll make a simple decision to either resist or indulge.

You may not realize it, but those of us in the Body of Christ who love you and are joined to you are counting on you to make the right decision when the urge hits, because believe me, the entire Body is weakened when you don’t.

So to help yourself make the right choice, would you please consider a few simple questions?

  1. Would you view this material, and stimulate yourself while viewing it, as you’re sitting on the altar of your local church?That’s a disgusting thought, I know. But it’s relevant, because if you wouldn’t think of doing such a thing inside an earthly building, why would you do it with your own body, which is the literal temple of God? (I Corinthians 6;19)
  2. Do you think the woman in the video has feelings, dreams, loved ones, and parents? Because if she’s someone’s child, mother or even wife (and she is!) and if she has a heart, which she does, what do you think her performance in this film did to her, and to the people who love her?
  3. How long will you enjoy this time of viewing the porn,compared to how long you’ll feel badly about it? Because if the length of time you enjoy is significantly less than the length of time you’ll regret it, isn’t that a rather stupid investment you’re about to make?
  4. God will surely forgive you if you view this, but does it matter to you whether or not you grieve Him and hurt His heart? Because if it does, is His grace something you really want to exploit, or something you want to appreciate by responding in obedience?
  5. Are you trying to give yourself something – comfort, relief, distraction – by viewing this porn? Because if you are, wouldn’t it make more sense to find legitimate and lasting ways to get what you’re looking for?

Just a few thoughts to consider. As you consider them, also consider what you’re about to do, and know that you have a choice.

Then please – from all of us who need you – make the right one.

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