Armor Bearer

Yes, I will help Bear the Armor of Restored Warriors.  I will make the following commitment:

$50.00 per month for 12 months

$25.00 per month for 12 months

Any Amount per month for 12 months

Brothers, I need your help!

The time has come for me to share with you, my heart.  In March of 2020, God reveled to me the Ministry of Restored Warriors.  He showed me how that men’s lives, much like yourself would be changed and set free from their sexual struggles.  He showed me the battlefield and how many men are laying there wounded and hopeless.  The countless lives, marriages & families that would be restored.  I did not realize the changes that God would continue to make in my life.  When Restored Warriors launched in September 2020, I was able to dedicate around 16 hours a day to this Ministry.  I was able to survive on a savings that I had to offset my living expenses.  Then, when the savings had diminished, I had to return to my tailoring work, leaving me to only have around 4-6 hours a day to focus on Restored Warriors.  I saw the ministry start to suffer because of this, but I knew that God would supply.  Today, God has laid on my heart to bring this need before you.  I need men to be the Armor Bearers for Restored Warriors.  These are the guys who will be lifting the financial burden on Restored Warriors.  The ministry of Restored Warriors is in no way close to stopping.  It is simply a need that will allow the ministry to grow.

What will this mean? More dedicated time for:

  •        open calendar time for personal 1 on 1 ministry.
  •        time to reach out to you & others in their daily battle.
  •        Time to see the ministry increase in the number of men’s lives & families it reaches.
  •        time to increase the number of groups being lead.
  •        time to plan and organize groups & events.
  •        time to work with guest speakers & to build the ministry outreach.
  •        time for advance preparation of the materials.
  •        time for study in the addiction/recovery processes and ministry.
  •        Less likely to burn out!

You know I do not take this ministry lightly.  I know and have seen the way men’s lives have been and are being changed daily by this ministry.  You & I know the abilities this ministry has, to be able to reach more with a broader spectrum.  But I need your help to do it!  I need you to stand with me on the battlefield for Purity in the Church.

I need you to be an Armor Bearer for Restored Warriors.  I need a 12 month commitment of 30 men who will partner for $50 per month.  This will cover my personal living expenses.  Until June 2021, I had never taken any salary or any money of any kind from Restored Warriors.  However, now I have cut myself down to a bare bone living, to be able to invest into the lives of men like yourself.  A sacrifice that I feel will have a much larger gain than any financial matter can ever give.  You might say, I cannot do $50, but I could do $25.  Anything that you can do will help.  How much value do you put on your healing and restoration of your family?  What about those who we are not reaching yet?  The time to act is now!

Lordy I hate asking for money.  However, the time has come for me to share with you the need & my heart to serve.  This is my heart guys.  Will you help me stand on the battlefield of purity for others like yourself?  If you want to talk to me about this or anything else, please feel free to reach out!

Thank you for anything you can do…


As always, all donations are tax deductible.



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