Claim Your Healing

Written by on November 1, 2020


I have MANY friends (not a few) with Covid19. Our Jewish brethren hold back some of the Passover Afikoman (bread) keeping it in a special drawer and eat it throughout the year for healing when they are physically ill.
I want to encourage all my friends who are ill to take communion during this time. Go get some grape juice or wine and crackers or matzo bread. Hold the communion up and take it daily as a divine therapy and say “I hold the body and the blood against you… The death angel shall pass over me for God hath said “when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No plague will fall on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.” In the name of Jesus we claim the blessings of the blood covenant! Jehovah Rapha (Exodus 15:26) is Jesus THE LORD THAT HEALS AND MENDS! I claim the blessing of the covenant of deliverance and healing!
In Jesus’ Mighty Name I receive strength…. and health… and healing… and peace… and wellbeing for every part of my body, soul and spirit!

Pastor Ken

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