Judgement & Mercy

Written by on October 18, 2020

It never ceases to amaze me how so often we set ourselves up as judges! We are so very opinionated and yes we are always right! Let me reveal to you the sins of “others”, let me show you where “others” are wrong!
This type of behavior and spiritual pride brings a reciprocation of judgment back upon us, except when it gets back to us….it has grown in intensity because as we all know….seeds grow and so does judgment and bitterness! According to the words of Jesus where he tells us that we shall be judged with the measure that we judge others.
EACH AND EVERY SEPERATE TIME we pronounce our judgments upon others, that is circling back to us to bite us! We are kicking God off the throne (we think) and taking his job when we do this kind of behavior. When satan did that, he was kicked out of heaven!
Hosea 10:12 says if we sow in righteousness we’ll reap in mercy.
Jesus said Mercy triumphs over Judgement and in another passage, whoever shows mercy will be shown mercy…but from him who withholds mercy, no mercy will be given to him.
Dear God, Help me to GET OFF of your throne, move out of the way so you can regain Lordship in my life, get on my knees and worship you! Please forgive me and all my friends who have failed to be merciful. BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL, FOR THEY SHALL OBTAIN MERCY!
Pastor Ken

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