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Written by on January 5, 2021


Today I had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Darren Nibbelink of Focus 314 Church in Meza Arizona.  After learning about Restored Warriors, Pastor Darren wanted to know more.  So a time was set for us to share the vision of Restored Warriors with him.  As you know, we have been sending out the black arm bands that have “I Can Do Better” on them. These were first given to me by my Pastor, David, who happens to be Pastor Darren’s good friend.  I was unaware of this friendship.  However, Pastor Darren was the originator of the arm bands.  Well, we have been sending them out to our warriors around week 5 of your group meetings as a 1/2 way gift.  Prior to today’s meeting, Pastor Darren met with his congregation about partnering with us.  I had no idea this was going on.  Well today, Pastor Darren and his amazing congregation at Focus 314 partnered with us to be able to send these arm bands out as soon as the group starts.  I am SO excited.  Pastor Darren and Focus 314 Church are giving into our lives in a great way.  My request of the Restored Warriors Brotherhood is this, as you wear your new armband, as you look at it as a reminder of not acting out, also pray that God will richly bless this Pastor & Congregation back for how they are blessing us.

If you are in the Meza Arizona area or just passing through, visit Focus 314 Church.  I promise you, you will encounter God there!

Thanks Pastor Darren!

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