2021 Challenge – The Year of Victory!

Written by on January 12, 2021


I feel the Lord has laid on my heart to challenge you.  I do not take this challenge lightly, its for me too.

We are warriors!  A warrior knows the sound of his Generals voice.  He knows most times what the General is going to do or say even before He says it, because he gets to know Him so well.  We have a General in the form of God our Father.  I feel God calling us into a year of learning to hear His voice.  Getting to know Him so well, that before He says fight, we are already standing in a charge mode prepared for battle.  I believe He is calling us into His presence.  To worship Him, to exalt His name above all others.  Yes, I know we are in battle.  Yes, I know we are in a daily fight for victory and restoration.  But I believe that we are also being called to get to know our Abba Father.  To stand in His presence and soak up His love, grace & mercy.  God wants you to commune with Him.  He wants you to hear and know His voice so clearly that when He even whispers, it resounds within us.

When do you do this?  Before you get out of bed, say, “God this is Your day, show me Your ways, I want to hear You in everything I do today.”  During your day, lunch time, ask for Him to continue to be with you during your day.  Dinner, Thank Him for his loving grace & mercy.  Bedtime, 30 minute shut down, stand and let the thoughts of His love for you overwhelm you.  How much He wants to wash you with His love, mercy and grace.  Tell Him you want to be His eyes, ears, heart, mind, arms, torso and legs, ready to charge into battle in His name.  After you are in bed, ask Him to send the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you sleep.

We are called into battle, but we are to know His voice to know the directions to go during the battle.

So, Warriors, come into His presence with thanksgiving and praise.  Spend time with Him.  Listen to Him.  Win your battle on your knees.  2021 is our best year!  It is the year of Victory and Restoration.  But it’s going to come by learning our General voice!

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