God isn’t mean

Written by on July 17, 2021

There it is.  You’ve done it again.  Now the shame and guilt sets in.  How could you have done it again?  Doesn’t God love me?  Doesn’t he care?  Why is he punishing me?  Will I ever get set free from this addiction?  Will it ever stop?  Why God, Why?

Sound familiar?  Just when you think you have overcome, you fail.  The question resounds in your head, why is God punishing me?  Well, He’s not.  God wants to spend everyday with you, in every moment.  God wants you to turn to Him with everything you do.  How will you turn to God in a time of need if you see Him as a mean or punishing God.  God isn’t the source of suffering.  He isn’t the source of your shame or guilt.  If anything, He wants to take it away.  You see, things happen because we live in a fallen world.  A world of sin, wickedness and damnation.  This isn’t how God created the world to be.  He created it for us to be able to commune with Him and for us to be together always.  But, because of this fallen world, and God being the gentleman that He is, He asks that we reach out to Him.  He is always reaching out to us, but, He gives us freedom of choice to reach out to Him.  When we have a situation, He’s there, if we reach out to Him.  God wants to be in the midst of your circumstances.  How will you turn to Him in time of need if you believe He is causing your problems.  How will you turn to someone who is causing you grief.  He’s not the cause, He’s the cure.  God is standing next to you or He may actually be carrying you at this time.  But, He is standing there.  Lean on Him.  Reach out to Him.  Hold onto Him and His truths.  After all, He said He will never leave us or forsake us.  When it looks the darkest, remember, you will never appreciate the light if you haven’t seen the darkness.  Hold onto Him, He is reaching out to you now, right there, in that hard time, to help you, love you and take care of you.



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