It’s The Same Holy Spirit…

Written by on January 16, 2021

I was awoken early this morning with this resounding in my spirit.

We serve a God that is a trinity.  Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  When God first created the earth, it was the Holy Spirit that was there with Him when He said, “It is good.”  When Christ the Son of God was born, it was the Holy Spirit that rest and worked with Him, as part of that Trinity.  When Christ performed miracles, it was the same Holy Spirit.  When Christ was crucified on the cross, it was that same Holy Spirit that raised Him from the grave.  It was the same Holy Spirit that when Christ returned to be with God the Father, that He left here to work through and with us.  It’s that same Holy Spirit that worked miracles with John the Baptist, Peter, James, John and many more.  Its that same Holy Spirit that now lives with us.  So, if it’s that same Holy Spirit, then why are we not seeing miracles and such today?  Could it be that we over time have walked away from knowing the Holy Spirit and listening to Him enough that we just don’t know who or what we are?  So I ask you today, what’s holding you back from performing miracles, signs and wonders?  Why are you not turning water into wine?  Is it because of your close walk with God the Father?  Accepting Christ the Son’s death on the cross for your redemption of sins?  Letting the Holy Spirit our comforter work through us?  I ask you, why?  Take time today, start today, right now, purpose your life to walk closer, listen more, accept more, know more of who, what and when the Holy Spirit is working and wanting to work through you.  Take time to spend time learning to hear God’s Voice in Trinity form.


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