Life With God Is Like A Drama!

Written by on July 14, 2021

Now… Before you go judging my statement, read this entire post.

Life with God is like a drama.  When I was a young man, I was in our local theater department at school.  Later in life, I was a part of a traveling theater company.  Then I was part of the community theater.  So, I know first hand what I’m talking about here.  You see, when you are in the audience, you see one or two people on stage.  They are acting out a part of life they want you to see.  The scenery is beautiful, the words direct and said with feelings.  If it’s a musical, the orchestra is playing along.  But it is a great work of art.  However, if you are on stage or behind the scenes, the view is a lot different.  If you are in the orchestra, you have put in countless hours perfecting your part.  You have people doing, lighting, props, audio, make-up, hair, costumes… The list goes on and on!  It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to make those on stage look good!

Now, we have God in our lives, and He is doing ALL the behind the scenes work.  While we are on stage playing our part.  The audience, the world around you.

So, what’s my point?

  1. We all play a part in the big production.  If we are following God in our lives, then we are all on stage and doing our parts.  So that the audience is seeing God working in our lives and being lead to Christ for Salvation.
  2. When we allow God to do Everything behind the scenes and trust him with ever detail of our lives, He will make our lives the best it can be.  People will see Jesus in us!
  3. What is the audience of your life seeing?

This played a major role in my life and my returning to Christ.  You see, as a man walking in the world, God sent a young man into my path.  He didn’t preach to me.  He didn’t carry a Bible and quote scriptures to me.  No, he simply lived his life the way God and the Bible taught him to live.  Because he allowed God to work in his life, his life became one that I wanted to be like.  The Holy Spirit used him in a way that was so drawing to me.  This guy never asked me to Church. He never witnessed to me. Never read a scripture or told me, “Change your life or you will die and go to hell!”  Nope… Simply Loved God and Loved People!  Because of this, one Sunday morning the Holy Spirit woke me up.  My first thought was, I’ve gotta get this guy off my back!  Ill text him and ask him what time Church starts. Now, remember, he actually never invited me to Church, but, with that, he replied and I went to Church that day.  I didn’t miss a service.  It was like a magnetic force drawing me every week.  To the point that 4 months later, I allowed God to turn my world upside down, shake out all the bad stuff, turn me back over and point me in a direction I never saw coming.

Today, I am a very active person in my Local Church.  I also founded and direct Restored Warriors.  I am so thankful for a young man, who lived a life that showed me, Jesus with skin on!  Oh, maybe I should also share, that young man, he is one of the Pastors in my Church!

So I ask you today… Is your life being lived to the point it would draw someone to Christ?  If not, Why?  I challenge you today, draw near to God and he will draw near to you.  Then allow the Holy Spirit to use you in every way that He wants.  Then watch your world change for the better!

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