Thoughts on Praise

Written by on July 14, 2021

A Restored Warriors Brother shared this:

My devotional today about worship got me thinking.
In it, it spoke of God desiring and longing to be worshiped.
I had some thoughts about it, at first my mind heard the negative voice of the enemy. Stating that worship is egotistical.
Then my mind engaged and heard the Fathers voice. Everyone thrives when praised, is uplifted by thanks, and honored by gratitude. This is what worship is. It’s our expression of love and the goodness of God. It is our cry of adoration. Adoration that brings God joy, that sense of appreciation (not the glory the devil seeks or would have us believe).
Of course God is justifiably glorified, but it’s not the reason He seeks us to worship Him. Thankfulness is an expression of love, and God yearns for ours.

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