Why Do Positive Confessions?

Written by on July 16, 2021

Why do positive confessions?  Boy that question has been asked more times than I care to admit.  So, I’m gonna do my best to give you an example of why it’s important.

My Grandson is getting up old enough to start doing chores around the house.  Well, my Daughter and Son-In-Law thought they would do a reward system.  So they made a chart with the chore and the day of the week on it.  Every time he would do a chore, he would get a star put in that box for the day.  Where if he did so many chores a week, he would get a prize.  Now, my Grandson knows that if he gets into any situation, he can run and while running yell Daddy or Mommy, and my Son-In-Law & Daughter will come busting through the door to his rescue.  Now, what if my Son-In-Law was to say when he yelled for help.  Honey, has he done all his chores today?  No? Has he done any of them this week?  No? Well I’m gonna let him fend for himself.  NO!  That’s not how my Son-in-law, Daughter, you, nor God is!  He needs them, they tear apart hell and earth to get to rescue him.  God is exactly the same way.  When we need him and cry out to him, he is faithful to help us.  When we know who we are in him and accept His love, forgiveness and grace.  He is always there to help us.  Now, the kids may go to my Grandson later and correct him on not doing his chores, but they still run to his rescue.  As a child of God, you are always a breath away from God, your Father.  When you need Him and cry out to Him, He is always faithful to hear our cry and give help.  He doesn’t go to the fridge and say, have you confessed all your sins and done everything I have asked you to do?  No!  However, if you do not know who you are and that you are the forgiven child of the Most High King, saved by grace, loved beyond understanding and forgiven when we don’t deserve it, you don’t know who you are and to know that God, your Father is there to help you!

In doing your positive confessions daily, you speak the words out of your mouth.  Your ears hear them and they filter down to your heart where they reside, sending messages back to your mind and confirm or re-confirming who you are in Christ!  It also tells the devil on a daily basis you know who you are and who he isn’t.

So, do you positive confessions! KNOW who you are and watch your world change.

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