Disney Sparks Outcry Among Christian Parents

Written by on August 20, 2020

Written By Kayla Sullivan for KingdomWorks Studios & Conquer Series.

“Representation matters!  Always fight to make what YOU want to see!”

These were the words spoken by Dana Terrace, the creator of “The Owl House”, an animated series featured on the Disney Channel.  The network made history this week when they announced that the lead character, who is only 14 years old, is bisexual.

Publicly admitted, Ms. Terrace is a practicing bisexual, and has an agenda to infiltrate her beliefs in the children’s programming that she gets to create.  She shared, “In [development] I was very open about my intention to put queer kids in the main cast.  I’m a horrible liar so sneaking it in would’ve been hard.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  She would have attempted to sneak it in, even without Disney’s approval.

This is not the first incident of matters of sexuality being pushed upon today’s children.  In fact, Disney and other major networks have been indoctrinating our children with messages of sexuality subliminally for quite some time.

For example, Disney has been known to previously cast minor roles featuring openly LGBTQ characters.  However, Disney leadership appeared to become hesitant with the concept of casting a main character that expresses their sexuality.  Terrace, however, refused to take no for an answer.  Quickly, the leadership team of Disney caved to the pressure of her persistence.  In a series rated TV Y7, meaning it’s considered suitable for children as young as seven, the lead character will be allowed to share her bisexuality.

Disney Criticized by Christians

Even beyond issues of sexuality, there is more than meets the eye within this show.  Christians are sounding the alarm regarding Disney’s willingness to subject children to demonic activity.

One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, seeks to send a message to decision-makers that parents are upset about the messages being sent to today’s children – primarily through entertainment.  In their review, they share that this kid’s show “introduces kids to a world of demons, witches, and sorcery while inundating their young minds with secular worldviews that reflect the current culture”.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time.

It’s Not Just Disney

While it may feel as if we’re solely sounding the alarm on Disney, we’re not.

Another popular television station for kids, Nickelodeon, has also started to include questionable sexuality.  Earlier this year, Nickelodeon was praised for including a same-sex couple who had adopted a child in “Danger Force”.  In response to that episode, actor Tommy Dickie shared, “I am grateful that this representation is happening on Nickelodeon, moved by the difference that it is surely making in the minds and hearts of children…”.

PBS Kids has also received criticism from the Christian community.  According to One Million Moms, issues of sexuality are being introduced in children’s programming that we once knew, loved, and trusted – including “Clifford the Big Red Dog”, “Arthur”, and even “Sesame Street”.

Parents need to know that both Pixar and Marvel are moving towards infiltrating sexually-based content within their programming.  According to Christian News, Marvel Studios will release a film later this year which will include a same-sex couple kissing.  As for Pixar, they released a short film on Disney Plus which tells the story of a man coming out to his parents.

Going Beyond Movies & Television

Attempts to desensitize our children to matters of sexuality are not limited to the big screen.

Over the past several weeks, toymakers have faced scrutiny from parents after discovering sexualized innuendos in their toys.

Hasbro was forced to remove their “Trolls World Tour Giggle and Sing Poppy” from store shelves after parents made a startling discovery.  The doll was found to have a hidden button on its genitals, which incited laughter and moaning when pressed.  In a statement to CNN, Hasbro’s spokesperson claimed that the placement of the sensor was unintentional.

Another toy manufacturer, MDA Entertainment, has recently been called out in regards to their LOL Surprise dolls.  These dolls, when placed in water, will have their clothing, hair, or accessories change color.  However, parents have been posting videos on social media that reveal lingerie on some of the dolls when placed in water.

Parents, Stay On Guard

For years, subtle hints of Satan’s agenda have been surfacing, especially as it relates to our children.  But today, maybe even more than ever, parents must remain vigilant about what their kids are being exposed to.  Though the temptation is there to fall prey to busyness, take the time to connect with your kids.  Does your child have a favorite TV show or movie?  Watch it with them.  Are they always talking about a certain video game?  Play it with them.  Don’t just assume that a rating system on entertainment will protect your sons and daughters.

Did your child get a new toy for their birthday or Christmas?  Look it over and interact with them while they play.  And if they got a new cell phone or computer, monitor their online activity.  Don’t just install filtering software and forget about it.

It’s important to have conversations with your kids about what is right and wrong.  Foster an atmosphere of safety within your home.  Encourage your children to come to you with anything that they feel uncomfortable with.

Setting the Example

Also, remember that you’re the biggest influence in your child’s life.  Not the Church, not the media, not their friends or their teachers – you.  The life you live sets the example for how theirs will play out, and they know more than you think they do.

What kind of shows do you watch on television?  Do they include profanity, violence, and sex?  What does your internet search history look like?  Is it the typical run-of-the-mill scrolling Facebook and checking email?  Or could your kids discover a hidden world of pornography, dating websites though you’re married, and other sexual sins?

If you’re starting to feel the stirring of conviction on your heart, you can choose to take action today.

Leaving a Legacy

The Conquer Series is a powerful 10-week course for men who desire to find freedom from the tangled web of sexual sin.  Combining both science and Scripture, individuals learn about how the brain is changed through sexually acting out.  You will begin to understand why trying harder does not work.  As you complete the activities, you will learn that pornography is not about sex.  Instead, it’s often the means by which you have learned to medicate pain and stress in your life.  Activities will help you expose the root of the problem so that you can begin healing.  Testimonials from others will remind you that you are not alone.  And as you walk forward on this journey, you will be able to reclaim your God-given identity.  This alone can have a huge impact on your life and your family’s future.

In this season of life, God is unveiling the eyes of His people.  Following Dana Terrace’s advice, we can, as parents, fight for what we want to see.

I want to see children allowed to be children without the threat of having their innocence stolen.  It’s time to see marriages and families healed and restored.  Together, let’s raise up a generation that is so on fire for God that the enemy doesn’t stand a chance.

This is war.  The future of our children is at stake.  Are you ready to fight?

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