Prayers Answered! Thank You!

Written by on March 12, 2021

Last night, my 11 month old Grand Daughter had a low grade temperature.  Around 9:30pm it spiked to 103 degrees.  Upon calling her doctor, she was given medication to lower it.  At 10:30pm, when it didn’t and it continued to climb, her parents contacted the ER.  They were directed to give her additional medication.  Around 10:45pm, in her Mommy’s arms, she started jerking and convulsing, 911 was called.  Her tiny little 15 pound went limp.  Her Daddy worked with her to regain breathing.  First responders reported from everywhere within minutes.  Prayer teams were activated.  Once at the hospital, with now 100’s of prayer warriors praying, her little body started showing major improvement. Within an hour, the fever broke, her color started returning and she was fully responsive.  Numerous tests were run and all came back normal.  Around 2am, she was fully discharged with an explanation of, a fever can do that.  Well, so can the power of prayer.  My family is so grateful for all your prayers and calls to order!  We want to also thank all the first responders for their rapid movements and reporting.  We know we saw a miracle last night.  Our biggest thanks is to God for healing our baby girls.

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