The Shack

Written by on February 17, 2021

I was recently introduced to a new (well, new to me) movie, “The Shack“.  I found this movie encouraging.  It gave me a different since of how God wants to be with us during our most difficult times.  I personally didn’t have an issue with the different faces they put on God.  We ourselves do that also.  We see God as a father figure.  But how many of us relate him to that of our own father?  As was shared in another movie, “Heart of Man”, that when we are abused by our own fathers, it is difficult to remove that image from the face of our Heavenly Father.  It’s a mental projection that we do.  I also saw in it as building of a deeper relationship with God.  How God relates and speaks to Mackenzie to reveal God’s love and forgiveness to him.  Anyway, The movie has good and bad reviews out.  I personally am the kinda guy that, I will listen to what someone has to say, but I will make my own decision about what is best for me, based on my personal decision and perception of the information given.  So, do your research.  If you want to watch the movie, below are the show times.

“The Shack” Movie Times:

Saturday February 20, 2021 7pm (cst)
Sunday February 21, 2021 3pm (cst)


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