Faster Scale


Adapted From The Genesis Process by Michael Dye

RESTORATION (Accepting life on God’s terms, with trust, vulnerability, and gratitude.)
• No current secrets
• Working to resolve problems, identifying fears/feelings
• Keeping commitments to meetings, prayer, family, church, people, goals, and self
• Being open and honest, making eye contact
• Reaching out to others
• Increasing in relationships with God and others
• True accountability

FORGETTING PRIORITIES (Start believing the present circumstances and start moving away from trusting God. Denial, flight, a change in what’s important, how you spend your time and what
you think about.)
• Secrets
• Less time/energy for God, meetings, church
• Avoiding support and accountability people
• Superficial conversations
• Sarcasm
• Isolating
• Changes in goals
• Obsessed with relationships
• Breaking promises and commitments
• Neglecting family
• Preoccupation with material things: TV, computers, other entertainment
• Procrastination
• Lying
• Over-confidence
• Bored
• Hiding money
Forgetting Priorities will lead to:

ANXIETY (A growing background noise of undefined fear; getting energy from emotions.)
• Worry, using profanity, being fearful
• Being resentful
• Replaying old negative thoughts
• Perfectionism
• Judging other’s motives
• Making unrealistic goals and to-do lists
• Mind-reading
• Fantasy, co-dependent rescuing
• Sleep problems, trouble concentrating, seeking drama
• Gossip
• Using OTC medication for pain/sleep/weight control
• Flirting
Anxiety then leads to:

SPEEDING UP (Trying to outrun the anxiety, which is usually the first sign of depression.)
• Super busy and always in a hurry (finding good reason to justify the busyness), workaholic, can’t relax
• Avoiding slowing down
• Feeling driven
• Can’t turn off thoughts
• Skipping meals
• Binge eating (usually at night)
• Overspending
• Can’t identify own feelings/needs
• Repetitive negative thoughts
• Irritable
• Dramatic mood swings
• Too much caffeine
• Over-exercising
• Nervousness
• Difficulty being alone &/or with people
• Difficulty listening to others
• Making excuses for having to “do it all”.
Speeding Up then leads to:

TICKED OFF (Getting adrenaline high from anger and aggression.)
• Procrastination causing crisis in money, work, relationships
• Increasing sarcasm
• Black and white (all or nothing) thinking
• Feeling alone
• Nobody understands
• Overreacting, road rage
• Constant resentments
• Pushing others away
• Increasing isolation
• Blaming
• Arguing
• Irrational thinking
• Can’t take criticism
• Defensive
• People avoiding you
• Needing to be right
• Digestive problems
• Headaches
• Obsessive (stuck) thoughts
• Can’t forgive
• Feeling superior
• Using intimidation
Ticked Off then leads to:

EXHAUSTED (Loss of physical and emotional energy; coming off the adrenaline high, onset of depression.)
• Depressed
• Panicked
• Confused
• Hopelessness
• Sleeping too much or too little
• Can’t cope
• Overwhelmed
• Crying for “no reason”
• Can’t think
• Forgetful
• Pessimistic
• Helpless
• Tired
• Numb
• Wanting to run
• Constant cravings for old coping behaviors
• Thinking of using sex, drugs, or alcohol
• Seeking old unhealthy people & places
• Really isolating
• People angry with you
• Self abuse
• Suicidal thoughts
• Spontaneous crying
• No goals
• Survival mode
• Not returning phone calls
• Missing work
• Irritability
• No appetite
Exhausted then leads to:

RELAPSE (Returning to the place you swore you would never go again.)
• Giving up and giving in
• Out of control
• Lost in your addiction
• Lying to yourself and others
• Feeling you just can’t manage without your coping behaviors, at least for now
• Result is reinforcement of shame, guilt, and condemnation, and feelings of abandonment and being alone.


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