Just today.

Written by on December 18, 2020

Written by a Restored Warriors Brother.

Just today.

I was once able to ask a former MLB pitcher his secret to his success. I asked him how he was able to throw complete games and dominate. He told me that a game is made up of around 150 pitches, but each pitch is its own game. He told me he never focused on the game, but just this pitch.

In Exodus, the Bible talks about manna. Manna was a bread like substance provided to the Israelites to sustain them in the wilderness.  It miraculously showed up every morning for them to eat. They were to collect as much as they needed for that day and nothing more, because if they took extra, the next morning it would be rotten. The Israelites had all they needed, just for today.

I think we must look at not only our life the same way, but our fight for purity. Now we don’t walk outside every morning to find manna on the ground, but when we do wake up, the Bible says Gods mercies are new every morning. Paul writes about the Grace of God sustaining him through his trials. We have that same grace. We all have access to that sustaining grace, just for today.

If there has been one thing that has allowed me to understand this process or this journey its that today’s grace, won’t get me a lifetime of freedom, it won’t get me a year sober, it wont get me through this week, but it will get me through just today.

We can fight the fight, if only for today. If it takes everything in your tank to get through today, use it all. For tomorrow will bring its own set of trails, and it will also have enough grace for you then. Don’t let today’s grace grow rotten and save it for tomorrow. You will never throw a no-hitter if you are worried about the 9th inning while still in the 1st. As we walk this journey and as we all desire those big milestones of 1, 2 , 5  weeks/months/years pure, clean, and sober. I pray we can step out from under that pressure and remember we have all the grace that we need, just for today.

Bible references

·         Exodus 16

·         Lamentations 3

·         2 Corinthians 12

·         Matthew 6


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