GET UP AND KEEP MOVING! an email from a Pastor

Written by on September 13, 2020

I received this email today from a local pastor:

Hey Daniel, I’ve been thinking and praying for you and the guys in your group today. ( I really have) I wanted to send you an email that maybe you could forward to them to let them know people are praying for them. Now, here’s a thought I want to share….


Proverbs 24:16  For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked are overthrown by calamity. [Job 5:19; Ps. 34:19; 37:24; Mic. 7:8.]

How could God call a man righteous when he keeps falling?  Really?  How is this Possible??? Because he keeps getting up and trying again!  He doesn’t give up.

I love the title of one of Joyce Meyers books “Saints with sinner problems” All throughout the new testament the bible calls us “saints”.  Often it is the address of the Apostle of Paul to the churches.  Is that because they never failed, or never slipped!  NOT AT ALL!  It is because they persevered.

In your recovery and in your healing process, whether it is instant or with a few or even many ups or downs.  DO NOT give up!

You WILL win the victor’s crown if you simply don’t give up.

THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO LOSE – That one way is to quit!

Stay strong, get up – and keep moving!!


A pastor who cares about your growth!

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