Where Is Your Goat Tied?

Written by on June 13, 2021

Thought!  “The enemy can’t steal your goat if he don’t know where it’s tied.”  My Grandmother used to tell me this all the time.  My Brother and I would be fighting over something, the next thing you knew, he had something over on me and I would be in tear.  It took me some time, actually most of my life, to learn this principle.  What are we talking about here?  Goats?  Actually some would tell you that it’s about not telling people where things are.  Keeping secrets and hidden things.  It can also be a principle of not covering yourself or your family.  You see, when we fight the devil, he knows where everything is.  He loves the hidden and secret things.  That’s his playground! So how does he “Get our goat?”  Because we do not cover ourselves in Jesus Blood.  Jesus Blood is like that invisibility cloak that Harry Potter has.  It takes all of our sins and covers them to where they can’t be seen by the enemy, and when God looks at us, all he sees is His Son, Jesus Christ.  So when we leave ourselves unprotected or uncovered by the Blood of Christ, the enemy knows exactly where your goat is tied, and he can rush right in and take it from you.  Most times, your “goat” is your happiness, freedom, or joy.  So when he takes our “Goat”, he leaves us with anger, hurt and pain.  So, today, learn from the words of my Grandmother… “The enemy can’t steal your goat if he don’t know where it’s tied”.  Cover yourself with Christs Blood and continue to walk in the happiness, freedom, and joy that only God can give!

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