Music Playlists

WOW!  What a powerful gift God has given us… Music.  Music calmed kings, parted water and brought down walls in the old testament.  Today, it can do the same thing.  When we listen to music, it speaks to a part of our heart and soul that spoken words can’t.  When we sing songs, it is a confession from our heart.  Often, words sung are easier to say than to speak them.  Music is a very powerful gift from God.  Allow it to minister to you as you listen.

Below are a few playlists.  When you are in prayer or quiet time, maybe even sleeping, listen to the Praise & Worship playlist.  Driving in your car?  Listen to the Top 40 playlist.  Put it on random play and enjoy some of the top songs today.

Top 40

Praise & Worship Music


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