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Written by on July 11, 2021

Thinking of the game today and what we as fans do to get ready for the game in support of the team. We put on our team colours, we’ll meet up with others, we’ll unashamedly scream and shout and sing songs about the team to motivate and encourage them – and all of this, not even in the stadium at times!
There’s rituals we partake in, certain garments we’ll wear, joints we visit, each moment doing something that we believe will lead the team to victory.
Funny then, that when it comes to supporting the Lord’s team, we’ll not dress appropriately. We’ll neglect our team colours (the Lord’s armour) and our team itself (the Lord, His church and our fellow brothers). We won’t go out of our way to function in the church, helping the needy and less fortunate, making the phone calls and giving our time.
We don’t go through the rituals to get ready for the game (the service, the life, the discipline) those being, prayer, worship and reading the word, or our phone calls and check ins.
We have faith in our sports team that they’ll overcome the odds, no matter how stacked against us they are.
Yet, do we have that same level of faith in our God? Believing that He will bring the victory – when in actual fact, the victory is already won!
So today get ready for the big game, it’s not just a one off, but a daily event where we can celebrate and win big with the Lord.

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