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Written by on January 6, 2021


As I opened my eyes today and started reading my morning devotional:

I lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1

I admit, I have a disease! Superman Syndrome! You know what you need to do and in your mind it will get done. However, your calculations include your own strength and efforts. Maybe it’s just me. I think about tasks in terms of how much time I can spend managing it, the amount of resources I can throw at it or how I can unravel it or how I can lift it.  After all, this is the measure of a warrior, right?  Strength!

The true warrior wins because of their bulging biceps, blazing speed and superior military intellect.  Right?
This was the starting of my morning devotional.  I am superman, right?  God said, NO!
You are to do what can be done, but not alone.  I have Brothers who are to help carry the load too, right?

In March of 2020, when God gave me the vision for Restored Warriors I had no idea it would explode like it has.  I was not prepared for the extent of work that would have to be done, at least I didn’t think I was.  But God had and continues to have a different view of this.  Shortly after being shown God’s vision of Restored Warriors, my Senior Pastor preached a powerful sermon. At the time, I didn’t pay a lot of attention when I heard it but have since gone back now daily to it. The message point that struck me most is “If it’s God it will Grow, If not it will Go…”  As I  have continued to walk this road God has placed me on, I am constantly asking, “God is this your will?”  With that, I proceed forward until a road block comes.  Then, I know I have gone as far as God wants at that time.

This was brought to light just in the past couple days.  As you are very aware, for some time, wives and women have been on my heart.  I know they have been hurt and continue to hurt as a consequence of the actions of God’s Restored Warriors.  So my heart has gone out to them consistently. As a result, I felt that God had put in my heart to branch Restored Warriors to include a Woman’s Ministry.  Well, just when it was about to launch, God said NO MORE!  I was working non-stop out of my own compassion.  Yet, this past Sunday, God woke me up with this on my heart,  “Restored Warriors is for men and I called you to minister to men”. About 4 hours later, I got a call from the woman who was appointed to head this division of the ministry up. She began sharing that she didn’t feel it was right for her anymore.  With that, I knew, God had closed a door.  That door will not reopen unless God reopens it.  You see, when God put the vision of Restored Warriors into my heart, he said “it will be a fully digital ministry for men with sexual addictions in need of Complete Restoration.  You will provide that avenue for My Men.”  He showed me over the next several months more and more of how this ministry would be conceived, develop and grow.  Not one time did any vision, prophecy or dream have a woman in it.  He gave me a burden for men and revealed that clearly.  So, to any woman reading this, you have my full compassion, understanding and support.  My prayers are with you. Moving forward the Ministry of Restored Warriors will be dealing directly with men only. What I was trying to take on my own strength was the idea that the ministry God showed me needed to expand and ultimately I lost sight of the biggest picture.  The BIGGEST picture being the MOST healing for these women affected will come as we facilitate restoration for these men. These warriors fighting the battleground of purity together! And in helping them on this road to healing God can heal the relationships and reconcile things beyond what I could imagine or have facilitated on my own.

Welcome to the battlefield of 2021! God has already given us a few directions that Restored Warriors will be focusing on this year.  I’d like to take a moment to share a few with you.
  1. We were given the opportunity to have a professional phone system with an 800 number that you can either call or text.  It is 888-MY-RW-411  (888-697-9411).  You can now call 1 phone number and get the Warrior Line, any of our other Group Leaders myself or even information about upcoming groups, events and dates.  Of course you can still call or text my cell phone if you need.
  2. God has shown that we need to put in place a 24 hour a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year 800 number for men to be able to call when they are in need of prayer or in the midst of a touch time in their progress of healing and restoration.  Currently that is in place.  888 My-RW-411 (888-697-9411)  As soon as it is staffed we will launch it, but hopefully around the first of February 2021, it will go live.  You will be able to talk to a fellow Brother on the phone at any time.  Someone who knows the struggles and pains of the process will be there to help lift you up from the place you are, to a new level in Him.  The sign up form is live now on the website we are asking you to sign up for a time frame to be on call for the Warriors Line.  This is completely voluntary.  If you feel you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3.  God has shown us that we need to be reaching out to churches in communities across the nation letting them know of the mission of Restored Warriors.  Here is how you can help. Go to Submit Church Information on the web site and give at least 5 churches in your local area.  I realize this might take you a few minutes, but just think where you might be if no one had reached out to you.  We are called to help others, this is one way you can.
  4. Finally, I am super excited that we have now partnered with Focus 314 Church in Meza AZ!  They will be supplying the black arm bands that read “I Can Do Better” to where we will be sending them out at the start of each group!

This is gonna be your best year yet!  I am standing here on the battlefield with you!

Restored Warriors … It’s not just about our Accountability, Purity or Battle … It’s about God’s Brotherhood of Mighty Men, God’s Warriors on the Battleground for Each Other!

Your Brother on the Battleground of Purity in the Church,

Daniel Glasco
Director, Restored Warriors, Inc.
Ext 700


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