Seven Pillars of Freedom

Seven Pillars of Freedom

The Seven Pillars of Freedom course uses an online journal and the Pure Desire book. The Seven Pillars, written by Dr. Ted Roberts, is a great in-depth program for men who have already gone through the Conquer Series a number of times and want to keep striving forward in sexual integrity. The course is based on the workbook (currently no DVD) and addresses the following Seven Pillars:


Pillar 1: Breaking through Denial

Pillar 2: Understanding the Nature of Sexual Addiction

Pillar 3: Surrendering to the Process

Pillar 4: Limiting Damage

Pillar 5: Establishing Sobriety

Pillar 6: The Battle is in your Mind

Pillar 7: A Spiritual Growth Plan

Each pillar is made up of four to five lessons, so the course is best run over a period of 35 weeks – 12 months for men to have enough time to apply the teachings to their lives.

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Pornography use is the #1 reason men in church seek counseling. [1]


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