Stronger Together

How to Revive a Loveless & Sexless Marriage

Host, Dr. Doug Weiss, a renowned Christian sex-therapist, speaker, and author, coined the term, Intimacy Anorexia, a silent marriage killer that affects millions of couples. For decades, he has successfully helped couples heal from the pain of emotional and sexual divorce. Stronger Together is an original cinematic series that delves into the stealthy epidemic of intimacy anorexia. This intensive class is designed to help couples begin their healing journey towards lifelong intimacy.

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Becoming Stronger Together

  • Discover areas of disconnect to apply powerful healing tools to those areas.
  • Learn to connect emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • Master simple steps to build trust and honest communication.
  • Get the keys to lifelong sexual healing and intimacy.
  • Create your blueprint for authentic marriage.



01 Defining the Great Divide

You don’t need to secretly suffer in a sexless and loveless marriage. In this episode, Dr. Doug Weiss defines intimacy anorexia and reveals its destructive dynamics in marriage. You will hear real, raw stories from Christian couples who have healed from intimacy anorexia. You will begin to dismantle intimacy anorexia’s dominance over your marriage. (26 min)

02 A Tree and Its Fruits

Dr. Doug Weiss uses the powerful biblical analogy of “fruit” to help us understand the characteristics and causes of intimacy anorexia. In this lesson, you will be introduced to new paradigms and principles to help you become active and intentional in sowing the seeds of love and intimacy into your marriage. (26 min)

03 The Sin of Withholding

Why would anyone intentionally withhold love? In this lesson, we really get inside the head of someone who struggles with connecting to understand the how, why, and what of their choices and behaviors. Dr. Weiss delves into the internal struggles and the spiritual ramifications of withholding, and also how chronic rejection affects the hurting spouse. (26 min)

04 Road to Recovery Pt. 1

Whether you’re the spouse or the one struggling with intimacy anorexia, you’ll learn the importance of healthy boundaries and how to apply them. This practical lesson will ask you to follow proven disciplines towards recovery. You will revisit your vows, take inventory of the present, and plan for the future. (26 min)

05 Road to Recovery Pt. 2

While this lesson addresses the hurting spouse, it also seeks to help the disconnected spouse acquire empathy so that you both can move from a “me” to a “we” in your relationship. This is an empowering episode that will show you practical and spiritual principles to renew your mind and change the DNA of your marriage with the help of God’s gift: neuroplasticity. (26 min)

06 Q&A with Dr. Doug Weiss

In this bonus video lesson, audiences from the Stronger Together film set pose their questions to Dr. Weiss. This is a candid and interactive episode where real people pose questions from their own experiences and encounters with intimacy anorexia. Here you’ll also learn where you can find further support and resources in your journey towards permanent healing. (26 min)


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