Tech Action Plan

Tech Action Plan

A Tech Action Plan (TAP) gives you a recovery-based plan for using technology for health, sobriety, and recovery. Being honest and specific makes your TAP effective. Reassessing your TAP every month, or when you add a new device or app to your life, is suggested.

Remember: technology itself is not evil. The goal of the TAP is to use technology in ways that support and maintain your recovery and health. Do not just identify websites/apps that fuel your addiction, but work to identify any websites/apps that lead to any level of unhealthy lifestyle or isolation.

If you have a spouse or family, create your TAP together. As you create a plan as a family, ask yourself, “Does this match our family values?” A TAP creates a culture of health, openness, and accountability for you and your family

What Are Your Top 3-5 Technology Goals For Recovery?

Example: maintain sobriety while using social media apps

What Devices Do You Use?

Examples: work cellphone, personal laptop, family computer, etc.

Where Do You Use Those Devices?

Examples: bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.

What Websites and Apps Have Been Detrimental To Your Health?

Include any websites and apps that have been a problem for you, even if you haven't visited them for a while. Remove or block these from your devices if they are currently accessible to you. Example:,, etc.

What Websites and Apps Have Supported Your Recovery?

Example: maintain sobriety while using social media apps

Safety Software

What Filters Are You Using?

Examples: No explicit lyrics in music apps, Google SafeSearch, YouTube Restricted Mode, having a password for making changes to your device that only your accountability partner has access to, etc.

What Accountability Apps Are You Using?

Your accountability app should work on your device(s) and provide understandable reports to your accountability partners.

Who Are Your Accountability Partners?

You should have at least two accountability partners, people who will follow up with you about your accountability reports. Group members make great accountability partners. Your spouse does not.

What Loopholes Are You Planning To Take Advantage Of?

It is possible to get around any filtering or accountability app. Your recovery will only be successful if you are honest.
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