After All, Through Christ, We Have Already WON!!

David - Louisiana

I highly recommend Restore Warriors because of my own personal experiences.  I personally have struggled with sexual addiction, but Restored Warriors provides hope and training.  Hope through Christ. Training through God’s Word and trained experts.  Through the Restored Warrior materials, I have gained a greater understanding of the true separation from God that sexual addiction can cause. With the material and our meetings, we dig into the deeper hidden aspects of what is going on inside of us both spiritually, mentally, and physically. The most important thing is that all of it intercepts with God.

Being connected to a group of other guys with similar struggles speaks dividends.  It is much more healing to know that we are not alone.  These are guys that understand and are going through the same thing. That is a huge reason why I was drawn to Restored Warriors because we walk though this with other men.  We trust each other and have each other’s back.  That type of accountability is also a huge part of recovery.

I thank God that I found Restored Warriors.  My prayer is that others that struggle will find this site.  I also pray that churches and church leaders become aware of sites such as this that can help them fight the battle of sexual addiction in our congregations. This is a battle that we should all be in together.  After all, through Christ, we have already WON!!  Amen!!


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