As A Minister, it was shameful


As a minister it can often feel like you can’t share your shameful struggles with just anyone. The pressures to keep it all together and present a certain way can keep you in secret sin and bondage. 2 years ago I found myself planting a church, getting married, and trying to run a successful real estate business all in the same season. The pressures to perform led me to escape into pornography, substance abuse,  and other sexual sins that almost destroyed my marriage. Looking back, I’m grateful for God’s grace and mercy in some of my most shameful and dark moments.

My desperation to get healthy and right with God, led me to a program called Restored Warriors. That program introduced me to the best accountability partner ever… COVENANT EYES! The curriculum, fellowship, and the power and love of God, coupled with covenant eyes as a first line of defense, has helped me grow in enormous ways. I have seen God completely restore my marriage. I have seen God give me the gift of a baby girl. Most Importantly, I have seen God affirm my identity as HIS son even on my worst of days.

I’m so grateful for the resource of covenant eyes!



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