Encouragement, Forgiveness & Tough Love

A former porn addict

As a sex and porn addict for 20+ years, I was in desperate need of something and someone different. I have tried everything from Recovery meetings such as SLAA and SAA, to therapy, to church, to workbooks and study guide manuals, to apps, and the list goes on. All of them had good aspects that helped me from time to time, but nothing felt “complete”.
Part of that had to do with Christ-Centered human mentorship, coaching, guidance and accountability. What I mean by that is Soul Refiners video series + an app to check in on is good, but not complete – it lacks personalized human interaction, while accomplishing anonymity and complete restoration.
For me in September 2020 was my first interaction with Daniel. A humble tailor from the Midwest, who sounded kind but direct over the phone, caught me a bit off guard. I was expecting to hear or see something that would be off-putting, as many of these Christian addiction mentors are, but I couldn’t come up with a good reason as to why I shouldn’t give this Restored Warriors thing a try.
From there, I’ve experienced life changing moment after life changing moment, I’m big part thanks to God, but with Daniel certainly being Gods instrument of communication, of encouragement, of support, of forgiveness, of tough love, and above all else, mentorship. Daniel walked the walk and gone to rock bottom and is walking the walk that he talks to our group about. From day 1 to day 200, he’s gone above and beyond to lead us by servant hood, by prayer, by accountability and brotherhood.
Daniel has helped me grow closer to Christ than I have EVER been. In my life. I’ve cried more tears of emotion, of love, of sadness and restoration in the last few months then in my whole life. I’m inviting God into my day, thanks to Daniel. I’ve had more chats with my wife, bearing my soul, being transparent and vulnerable, in these last 6 months than in our 6 years of marriage. This recovery works. And I think that it works by Daniel, his love, commitment snd passion for Christ, for brotherhood, and for restoration.


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