From The Director

Daniel Glasco

As the Director of Restored Warriors, I learned early 2 things.  1) I’m not Superman (an alarming realization) who also needed personal time, and 2) having come from a pornography addiction myself, how do I hold myself accountable?

Well, when we launched Restored Warriors I had to realize that I couldn’t monitor everything that the guys are doing.  Yes, I can read their check in’s and monitor group activity, but what about those quiet moments at home, or when they are alone feeling tempted and triggered?

As the Director, having come from a pornography addiction myself, I don’t want to fall prey like some ministries have recently, so how do I keep myself accountable?  In those moments when I’m at home alone?

Both questions were answered with 1 simple solution.  Covenant Eyes!  By simply putting the men on Covenant Eyes and helping them set up their account and equipment for optimum protection, they and I can rest easier.

But there was one link left out of the equation,  Personal Accountability.  That is where the Restored Warriors Brotherhood came into play.  By helping the men be accountable to each other, now we had a bases loaded play!  And with Covenant Eye & Restored Warriors working together, We hit that Home Run!

We are beyond satisfied with our partnership with Covenant Eyes!

Thank You Covenant Eyes, We can all rest easier knowing you are at work, while we rest!

Daniel Glasco


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