I Felt Like A Hypocrite


After over 30 years of trying to battle pornography addiction on my own and after failing and falling more times than I can count, I truly believed that I would never be free.  I wanted freedom, God’s Word told me I was free and I could walk in freedom but I was bound to my addiction.  I felt like a failure and a fake.  I felt like the hipocrits you read about in the Bible.  Looked good on the outside. Looked like I had it all together but inside was so broken.
I remember my first call with Daniel from Restored Warriors.  He told me all about the program, who he was and what Restored Warriors mission was. I wanted what he said could be true.
I wanted desperately not to be ashamed if my wife picked up my phone or what someone might find on my computer. I needed help and I most of all I needed accountability.
That is where Restored Warriors and Covenant Eyes came into play.  Daniel had me install C.E. software on all my devices and the journey began.
I am now going on 8 months of sobriety. As I often think back and try to pinpoint what had made the biggest difference, what change was the key, I keep coming back to God’s Grace but even more the practical things He gives us to use.
I believe the biggest tool to my walking in freedom is getting into my accountability group of Restored Warriors and installing Covenant Eyes on all my devices.  I can say with 100 percent certainty without accountability and a software that helped provide that I’d still be in that same dark place.
There is freedom, there is a better, fuller life…you just have to stop trying to do it on your own and reach out and ask for help.  For me that was Restored Warriors and an accountability program that worked.  I believe I’m no special case.  It can be the same for you.
Stop giving the enemy the win.  Step out, ask for help and begin to be all God has called you to be.  You can’t do it alone.  You need a strong partner and a strong accountability softwate to assist in the process. Covenant Eyes has been that resource for me and my brother in Christ, Daniel, at Restored Warriors.
In Him,


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