The benefits of online vs in person

Steven Bailey

The benefits of online vs in person
I feel there are many benefits of being part of a group online rather than in person. The enemy used so many lies that held me back from joining a group like this in the past. Finances for gas was one of them. But since this class I can do even on my own phone I do not have to account for gas and travel time to get to a meeting. Another benefit when it comes to travel time is right now I am a role of a single father. With this class I do not have to worry about finding a babysitter for my kids while I do my work or participate in the meetings. I can go in the other room for the meetings and if there is an issue with my kids I can easily mute my microphone and quickly take care of the issue. I also can still participate in the meetings if I am traveling, as long as I have a internet connection.
I feel like I can be more open with these guys in my group because when I first met these strangers they had no history or relationship with me before. They did not know me from Adam, it was a clean slate. I do not have to worry about seeing them a church or in the local grocery store and having to explain to people how I know them. Because we are far apart in distance we can easily keep each others information private from “mutual” friends.
My final reason I enjoy this group is because Covid-19 and all the restrictions that have come in the year 2020 do not effect when or how we meet. We do not have to wear masks. We can see each other smile and become sad; body language is key to helping someone communicating.
I do participate in an in person accountability group weekly as well. I feel this group is so much better to schedule and easier to participate in.
Thank you for listening.

Photo by: Bryan Gamelin


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