This all changed when I got real and decided I needed help


Through the years of  struggling with pornography the battle always seemed impossible to win. I would try and would fail hundreds of times. I would get discouraged, have nights of great shame and regret. I would feel it was a part of my life that I had to manage and not to have complete victory over.

This all changed when I got real and decided I needed help. I joined Restored Warriors. Restored Warriors is not just an online ministry of accountability from porn but a band of brothers that have been wounded from life, that have scars of self infliction and shame but are being equipped and healed in community. This ministry has tools, curriculum, videos and safeguards that help us stay pure in the fight. One of these tools is Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes has been instrumental in my healing process. It has protected me by giving my accountability partners access to my searches and activity. This is very important because it brings temptation to light, before it is too late. Having this gives me and my family the protection we need. I am thankful for this great tool and the effectiveness it is having on my life! Through this and Restored Warriors I am on the road to healing and recovery!



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