The Faster Scale 2.0

Written by on March 8, 2021

Welcome to the Roll Out of The Faster Scale 2.0

I have been seeing some great recovery over the past months.  I have also seen guys that are in great recovery take a detour and then return, yet feel they are in total failure of their healing and recovery.  Well, with this in mind, We are releasing The Faster Scale 2.0!

The ONLY part of the Faster Scale on the Daily Check In. that this will affect is the Relapse/Moral Failure” option.

You will now find it as “Lapse/Relapse/Moral Failure”

Here is the difference:

First, If a spouse is involved, There must be a conversation about the definitions and their comfort with both, that would help determine the differences.

Lapse: A momentary return to that unwelcomed behavior.  A person who lapses does not continue acting out in the addictive behavior.  A person in lapse quickly recognizes that they are either close to the line of acting out or that they crossed it and they must retreat to help, using the Recovery Action Plan for healthy living. This is the “Binge Free Zone”!

Relapse: Returning to the place or area you promised yourself or others you would not return to and stay there.  Shame, guilt, and despair are produced.  A line you crossed when you swore you would not cross it.  An action outside the agreed Recovery Action Plan for healthy living. This is the “Binge Zone”!

When you choose the “Lapse/Relapse/Moral Failure” option, you will now be given the option.

Did you Lapse or Relapse?  Descriptions will appear for a refresher.

Which ever you choose will determine the choice options that will appear.

We are also putting into place the “Recovery Action Plan” (RAP).  Everyone needs to fill this out now.  You will be asked to refer back to it and it will be your roadmap to what happens when Lapse or Relapse occurs.

I hope you can see and understand the need for these changes.

These changes will take effect on March 8, 2021.

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