Wall of Honor

56% (ages 18-24) of Christian women actively seek out porn on the internet. [8]

We would like to recognize the following for their partnership in
offsetting the costs of this ministry.
We pray that our Perfect Warrior, Jesus Christ, will richly bless each one!


Lifetime of Dedication and Service:

Special Thanks for a lifetime of dedication and service!
Dwight & Kim Tanksley
Gary & Teresa Tinsley
Tim & Malorie Jones
David & Julie Urzi
Ben & Pam Ellis
Daniel Glasco
Robert & Janet Lindsey
Jerry & Lois Glasco
Kevin & Joy Gregg

Helmet of Salvation:

Focus314 Church in Meza AZ
Pastors Darren & Jenni Nibbelink

Church Design Lab

Sword of the Spirit:

Adam Bunker Graphics

Shield of Faith:

Greg Sheehan

Feet Fitted with the Gospel of Peace:

Breastplate of Righteousness:

Belt of Truth:


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