Warrior Update

October 10, 2020

First… Happy 83rd Birthday to my Mother Lois!!

Now… I wanna share with you how things are changing daily on the battleground here at Restored Warriors!

  • The Ministry & Website was launched on 9/1/20– 40 days later, we’re averaging around 179 unique (not same person) viewers per day!
  • We had a need on 9/3/20 for $200.00 to purchase a piece of software, in less than 2 hours, that need was exceeded!
  • We are already Ministering to and Reaching Out to over 112 men in over 22 different States & 2 Countries!
  • We currently have 8 Life Group meetings each week and will launch 3 additional dates in the next couple weeks.
  • We are scheduled to launching a Couples Life Group in November 2020!
  • Our 1st Men’s Life Group, will complete (graduate) from their first step, Conquer Series on 11/2/20.

This past weekend, my phone went crazy with phone calls from guys who were in heavy battle. My heart fell. I started to feel defeated. BUT GOD

On Tuesday 9/22, Teresa, (who has been helping me out tremendously), and I were talking about the new message system that is being used. I encouraged her to message the guys . It read, “Happy Tuesday! ‘You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength’. Don’t forget to check in. Pray for each other.”  Nice text… Right? I thought so, until one of the guys started a meeting with, “Daniel, Don’t ever do that again!”  Evidently his mother used to tell him that all the time. So much, that he had the verse tattooed on his right bicep, which he was proud to show off. As tears streamed down his face, he shared that at the time- that day, when he was tempted, he got that message causing him to stop. It was like his mother was talking to him. Well, Teresa is a mother!

How about on 9/13/20 when I sent a message to a local Pastor, asking him to write a message to the guys. Within 30 minutes, I received a text saying, “Check your email!”  Click HERE to view the message! Oh by the way… he had to preach in about 30 minutes from the time he sent the message.

The list keeps going…..

I am beyond blessed in being able to be part of this mighty work GOD is doing! Please continue to pray for me and the men in the program! We are in a true battle. The battleground is the mind, the war is waged! The opponent is being defeated! The victors will stand tall with God by their side!!

Finally, I sent a text message to over 179 of my close friends asking them to consider a financial support to Restored Warriors. HOWEVER right in the middle of those people viewing the page, the server crashed not allowing them to do anything (also increased costs… $$). Please pray God will stir their hearts to give as He directs them!  The needs and costs continue to rise as we continue to go forward doing the battle God has called us to do.

Until the next update, thank you for your dedication and prayers!

I Love You!
Daniel Glasco


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