We need your help…

Dear Friend,

The Lord woke me up early this morning and laid on my heart to send you a message about the new ministry being started.  Back in February, it was laid on my heart to start a ministry for people with broken hearts, emotional wounds and sexual bondage.  About a month later, it was shown that this ministry would be in a digital platform.  Next it was revealed that it would reach thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.  So, in February, I started preparing and learning more about healing.  I recently joined a group locally praying for people in need of healing.  WOW, have we seen God move!  A couple months ago, I was shown a ministry tool, where this kind of ministry would be completely made digital.  Then it was shared by them, that they launched their ministry in April 2020, and it has already to date, had over 1 million men respond and they have been in 40 different countries.  We have partnerships and preparing to launch Restored Warriors September 1st, 2020.

None of this has gone without a cost.  But, what is the price of saving a family? or seeing someone set free from an addiction of perversion?

The people who join our ministry will be asked to support their learning and healing with a $20.00 per month membership. Through some extensive negotiations partnerships with other ministries have been formed.  The monthly cost of the services they provide, without our partnerships in place, would run $50.99 monthly to the individual.  Nice savings, huh?

Today, I need your help.  The membership does not include the operation of the ministry, just the core of their healing tools.  The monthly cost of the ministry will account up to around, $3900.00 per month.

We have already, before even a public launch, within the first week, no advertising, no nothing, but word of mouth, had over 15 people join.  Who are just waiting for September 1st to come.  One of our ministry partners, who is in over 40 countries, will start referring their new people, solely to us.

The cost of servers, digital platforms, hosting, web site and dual format apps is extremely expensive.  I have been able to fund all of the start up expenses alone, however, when I start ministering daily to groups on 1 1/2 hour sessions, my time to work will be decreased and I wont be able to extend this kind of expense.

So, I am asking you for help.  We are asking for people like you to make a commitment to this ministry.  Would you please consider making the best gift offer you can?  You can also make a reoccurring monthly gift to us.  Any amount will help.  Please follow the link below to our website where you can make your choices and set up the payment options there.

I am not in this alone, I have a board of directors, or as they are known here as, “The Accountability Core”, who will be overseeing everything within the ministry.  This “Core” ranges from Doctors to Housewives, Ministers to Small Business owners, Nurses to Attorneys, Social Workers to Retired School Teachers.  I believe your gift will be in very caring hands.

Please consider your best gift possible.

Love you!

Daniel Glasco
Director, Restored Warriors
(573) 579-2225


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